Sample Testing


As therapeutic development in the animal health market expands into antibody- and protein-based therapeutics, there is an ever-increasing need for CROs to perform testing and analysis for the presence of biomarkers and biotherapeutics in both livestock and companion animal samples. 

The source of these animal samples varies across a vast array of matrices, from nose to tail, and the ability to determine the most suitable sample processing methods to meet the unique requirements of different matrices is crucial.  Radix has developed a number of methods and processes addressing a wide range of sample matrices for consistent sample testing and analysis while ensuring quality results. 

Additionally, availability of species-specific assays and reagents to assess therapeutic intervention of animal-focused diseases is limited.  Therefore, having a partner who routinely develops, validates, and integrates new assay content into the sample-testing process is indispensable for innovative companies striving to identify and quantify new biomarkers as surrogates of disease.  Radix scientists have been developing and validating ELISAs and multiplexed immunoassays for over 20 years.  Our assay development process uses multifactorial Design of Experiments (DOE) to optimize multiple variables in the assay simultaneously, and our assay qualification processes follow fit-for-purpose criteria.