At our core, we are a diverse group of scientists who, over years of work, have created a library of standardized methods and processes that we use in innovative ways that allow us the flexibility to adapt, on-the-fly, to the ever-changing scientific needs of our clients.


During the discovery and development of new therapeutics, biomarkers are used as surrogates of the disease process wherein changes in biomarker expression correlate with disease progression and therapeutic efficacy.  Radix utilizes different technology platforms to quantify from one-to-many biomarkers in a multitude of sample matrices to assist our partners with discovery and development of therapeutics.  Additionally, where gaps exist and commercial assays are not available, we develop and optimize new biomarker assays for our partners. 


Assay reagents are critical to producing diagnostic assays that reliably assess disease progression and therapeutic efficacy.  Many of these reagents require chemical modification to facilitate quantitation of changes in the biomarker associated with the disease.  These chemical modifications or labeling steps can be inconsistent, leading to a decrease in assay quality and performance.  Radix provides reagent labeling services focused on ensuring consistent, high-quality reagents for integration into diagnostic assays. 


During the development of vaccines, it is necessary to monitor the immune response generated by the vaccine and to correlate that response with protection from disease initiation.  The evolution of multivalent vaccines necessitates the development of multiplexed diagnostic systems and assays to simultaneously correlate multiple immune responses with disease protection.  Radix scientists have extensive experience in the development, production, and utilization of multiplexed assays capable of rapidly and efficiently monitoring multiple immune responses generated by a vaccine.