Radix BioSolutions pays particular attention to the needs of scientists in the bioanalytical community. In response to these needs, we have created AssayCheX®, which add flexibility to assay development and perform internal quality checks on each sample analyzed.

Additionally, we understand that the variety of biomolecules that scientists need to use in their assays are not always conducive to standard amine coupling chemistries. To meet this need, we have developed a number of chemically modified xMAP® microspheres that enable you to conjugate xMAP microspheres with biomolecules that contain nearly any functional group.

With more than ten years experience in bioassay kit manufacturing and critical reagent production, Radix is capable of developing, optimizing, manufacturing and delivering commercial assay kits that perform consistently. We have extensive experience providing ready-to-use commercial assays to support biopharmaceutical development, infectious disease monitoring, and environmental agent identification. Our commercial assay kits are tailored to meet your specifications. Kits are available in single-use or bulk reagent formats.