Radix's philosophy is to develop and maintain close relationships with our customers and the scientific community, with the goals of consistently meeting customer requirements, maintaining close communications, meeting project timelines, generating reproducible products, and exceeding client expectations. 

Today's laboratories are burdened more than ever before to produce high quality data and information to guide research and drug development. These burdens are heightened by mandatory cost reductions and reduced workforce initiatives that increases stress on the remaining staff while reducing the internal scientific knowledge base. Outsourcing organizations have become an increasingly important scientific work force to provide experienced scientific acumen and produce high quality scientific data for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries. For this outsourcing model to succeed, outsourcing partners must develop and maintain close relationships with sponsor scientists to ensure that their scientific processes closely parallel those of the sponsor lab's processes. Ongoing communication preserves a high level of trust in the quality of work. 

Our scientists have years of experience from both sides of the relationship as sponsor labs as well as a service provider. We have been involved in work that encompasses the entire drug discovery process from target generation and validation, to reagent production, assay development and validation, to sample testing and results generation. 

This reliance and confidence in Radix as a scientific partner ensures that our customers receive the products and service necessary to help drive their scientific needs and goals.