Radix BioSolutions pays particular attention to the needs of scientists in the bioanalytical community. In response to the need for increased assay quality, we have created AssayCheX®. AssayCheX® process controls for xMAP® assay perform internal quality checks on each step of an immunoassay for each sample analyzed.

Additionally, we understand that the variety of biomolecules that scientists need to use in their assays are not always conducive to standard amine coupling chemistries to xMAP® microspheres. To meet this need, we have developed a number of chemically modified xMAP® microspheres that enable you to conjugate xMAP microspheres with biomolecules that contain nearly any functional group.


Capture Reagents: Our microsphere modification services are customized to your needs. You can choose the volume, the xMAP® microsphere ID designation, and the capture reagent. We are not limited to single reagent manufacturers, so we will bulk couple the reagent of your choice, without regard to its original source.

Alternative Functionalities: We also provide various chemical modifications that give you even more options for assay development and optimization. We have developed several alternative surface chemistries that can be used for more specific research needs. The choice of chemical modification depends on the functionality of your capture reagent. The following table classifies the capture reagents that can be used for different assay formats.


If you need help selecting the right bead functionality for your needs, our scientists can guide you through that process. You can also submit a request for functionalized or coupled beads if you are ready; just select the appropriate button below.