The strength of our management team is in the experience of our scientists and the success of our business talent. They are backed by a dedicated group of individuals, principally scientists by training, wholly focused on applying advanced technologies to best serve every customer.

Scott Edelman

Scott Edelman-CEO

Mr. Edelman has been the CEO of Radix since January 2014, and has over 30 years experience in managing and profitably growing early stage businesses both in the software and biotech industries.

Previous to Mr. Edelman's involvement with Radix, Scott was one of the founding members and CEO of AdiCyte Inc., a Tucson-based, start-up for adipose tissue and stem cell banking starting in late 2011. From 2003 through 2008, Mr. Edelman was CEO of CellzDirect, a hepatic cell product and contract research organization that grew profitability from zero to $19 million in revenues that was sold to Life Technologies in 2008.

Mr. Edelman has a BS in Business from Pennsylvania State University, is an active angel investor in numerous early stage enterprises, and resides in Tucson, Arizona.


Kerry Oliver, Ph.D.

President, Chief Scientific Officer

In late 2001, Kerry co-founded Radix BioSolutions to satisfy unmet customer needs for custom molecular and immunoassay development, validation, and manufacturing. The pride of his career nearly 20 years later, Radix products continue to be used for customer’s in-house research, clinical trials, and environmental threat assessment and testing.

In 1997, Kerry joined the R&D department at Luminex during its initial development of the xMAP® diagnostic platform. Among his initial responsibilities at Luminex was to lead a team of assay development scientists in showcasing the capabilities of the platform to early adopters. In addition, he served as a liaison with key customers and strategic partners to expedite adoption and commercialization of the platform.

Looking back, Kerry has over thirty years of academic, government, and industry experience in assay development. His work has spanned a broad range of disciplines including immunology and signal transduction biochemistry, diagnostic device development, and CRO services in support of various stages of therapeutic development. Following his Ph.D. in immunology from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas under the direction of Dr. Ellen Vitetta, Kerry received his postdoctoral training at the National Institutes of Health, examining signal transduction pharmacology. Following his post-doc, Kerry spent three years in drug discovery with a pharmaceutical group before joining Luminex.


William Nowatzke, Ph.D., DABCC

Senior Director of Commercial Laboratory Operations

Bill joined Radix in 2014 and brought with him the perspective and experience of our typical customer, which has dramatically strengthened our customer relationships and menu. His focus in recent history has been providing bioanalytical support for biological therapeutics and assessing the efficacy of drug candidates. This includes developing and validating bioanalytical methods and managing the analysis of samples in support of pharmacokinetic, anti-drug antibody, and biomarkers utilizing immunoassay platforms.

Bill has nearly twenty years of academic, industry, and CRO experience supporting clinical diagnostics, pharmaceutical development programs, and the measurement of biomarkers in various biological matrices. After receiving a Ph.D. in chemistry at Indiana University, Bill completed a postdoctoral fellowship in clinical chemistry at Washington University School of Medicine. He transitioned to the Department of Medicine, providing leadership in a CLIA laboratory developing and validating laboratory-developed tests for esoteric biomarker testing in support of late phase safety and efficacy clinical trials. Bill has remained active in professional organizations and continues to publish and speak on challenging issues related to the advancement of bioanalytical techniques.


Cari McDonald, B.S.

Research Scientist, Pharmaceutical and Infectious Disease Lead

Since joining the team in 2008, Cari has been an integral part of Radix. Her laboratory focus is in assay development, assay validation, and sample analysis in support of pharmaceutical clients. In addition to her laboratory focus, Cari enjoys working with current and potential customers to identify how Radix can help them meet their project goals and requirements. Cari is a member of AAPS, has multiple publications and has presented posters at national conventions.

Cari has more than twenty years of research and development experience in academia and the pharmaceutical industry. After receiving her B.S. degree from Winona State University in cell biology, Cari began working at Solvay Animal Health developing immunoassays in support of vaccine formulation and production. She continued to gain valuable experience working at Mayo Clinic for more than ten years, developing oncolytic therapies using attenuated measles virus in Dr. Evanthia Galanis’s lab and identifying novel prostate cancer markers in Dr. George Klee’s Assay Development Lab.


Félix W. Santiago, Ph.D. 

Research Scientist, Validation and Sample Analysis Lead

Since 2015, Félix has focused on the research, development, and validation of immunodiagnostic assays, most recently as part of a biothreat detection group. Félix joined the Radix Biosolutions team in 2017; he looks forward to applying his expertise to provide support to our current and potential customers.  

Félix has over 12 years of combined research and development experience in academia and industry environments. Throughout his career he has garnered experience in immunology, virology, microbiology, protein biochemistry, vaccine design, and immunoassay development.  After receiving a Ph.D in Immunology from the University of Rochester, Félix sought post doctoral training at the University of Texas Medical Branch. There he focused on the molecular mechanisms of immune evasion employed by tick-borne arboviruses. Félix’s work is highlighted by various NIH sponsored funding awards, a growing number of publications, and multiple presentations at scientific meetings.


Heather Darby, M.S.

Director of Field Applications

Heather recently returned to Radix, and previously worked with us as a research scientist from 2005-2011. She joins both the laboratory and the business development groups, pursuing growth and expansion of the business, developing new partnerships, and providing bench support when not on the road.

During her time away, Heather worked in field applications for Innogenetics(now Fujirebio) and for Luminex, expanding her knowledge base in support of clinical trials, IVD assays, customer support, and sales/marketing/business development. She has been fortunate enough to travel and teach on 3 continents in these roles and is comfortable calling on every level of customer -- from lab techs to C-suite executives. She brings this experience to Radix as we pursue new areas of business and continue to build a team of customer-focused, quality-driven scientists.

Heather earned her B.S. and M.S. at Texas A&M University, the latter in the lab of Dr. Katrin Hinrichs at the School of Veterinary Medicine, examining biomarkers of pluripotency in equine embryos for stem cell identification and propagation. After introducing molecular detection techniques to her graduate laboratory, she joined Radix to further pursue her interest in biotechnology, molecular techniques, and assay development.