We initiate each project with an intensive requirements gathering process. We not only want to understand your assay performance needs but your workflow, kit format, potential automation, and data processing needs as well. Our goal is to provide you a total solution to all of these requirements, because without a total solution all you have is a box of reagents.

We realize that a normal laboratory workflow drives the format of the kits and can determine whether a bulk reagent kit format better fits your daily requirements. Additionally, we recognize that automation and plate formats can significantly impact laboratory workflow and data processing. Performing this assessment early in the project provides us with critical information during development and qualification.

Subsequently, we utilize accepted scientific methods to implement the initial assay and process design. However, to enhance and optimize workflow and assay performance, we incorporate multifactorial Design of Experiments (DOE). Increasingly, DOE is used for discovery and development work to examine interactions of multiple variables simultaneously, which cannot normally be examined using standard methods.

Our collective years of experience in a variety of disciplines and settings provide you with multiple viewpoints and unique approaches necessary to adapt to the assessed needs of your operation. This project finesse is our true value add.

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