Antibody and Reagent Labeling

Radix BioSolutions supplies large-scale, single-lot batches of labeled antibodies and assay reagents essential to support the assays needed for regulatory approval.

Alternatively Functionalized Beads

Radix BioSolutions performs various chemical modifications of the xMAP® microsphere surface to provide alternate conjugation functionalities and even more options for assay development and optimization.

Ligand Binding Assay

Radix BioSolutions develops and performs fit-for-purpose qualification of immunoassays.

PK/PD Determination

Radix BioSolutions utilizes Luminex® xMAP® and Gyros Gyrolab technologies to examine the PK and the associated PD of a large molecule therapeutic in small volume, serially acquired rat plasma samples.

Aviir®, Inc.

Radix BioSolutions helps improve data quality and strengthen study. 

Indoor® Biotechnologies

Radix BioSolutions and Indoor Biotechnologies team up to apply multiplex technology to the detection of indoor allergens. 

Nucleic Acid Detection

Radix BioSolutions and The University of Texas at Austin team up to create multiplexed assay for the rapid detection of multiple pathogens. 

Protein Detection

Radix BioSolutions creates custom multiplex protein detection assay utilizing Radix developed novel assays and commercial kits. 

Research and Development

Radix BioSolutions and ProZyme, Inc. team up to assess the effects of SAPE conjugates on commercial xMAP kits.