Cari McDonald, B.Sc.

Research Scientist, Pharmaceutical and Infectious Disease Lead

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Ms. Cari McDonald has more than twenty years of research and development experience in both academics and pharma industry. After receiving her B.Sc. degree from Winona State University in cell biology, Cari began working at Solvay Animal Health developing immunoassays in support of vaccine formulation and production. She continued to gain valuable experience working at Mayo Clinic for more than ten years developing oncolytic therapies using attenuated measles virus in Dr. Evanthia Galanis’s lab and identifying novel prostate cancer markers in Dr. George Klee’s Assay Development Lab.

Since moving to Texas in 2008, Cari has been an integral part of Radix BioSolutions. Her laboratory focus is in assay development, assay validation, and sample analysis in support of pharma clients. In addition to her laboratory focus, Cari enjoys working with current and potential customers to identify how Radix BioSolutions can help them meet their project goals and requirements. Cari is a member of AAPS. She has multiple publications and has presented posters at national conventions.