As the demand on scientists to focus more on data analysis has increased, the requirement to outsource the experimental generation of the data has grown. For this model to succeed, outsourcing partners must develop and maintain close relationships with sponsor scientists to ensure that their scientific processes closely parallel those of the sponsor lab’s processes. Ongoing communication preserves a high level of trust in the quality of work. Our partners have developed reliance and confidence in Radix through our traditional service offerings of custom assay development and manufacturing. Our relationships with our sponsors has been built by consistently meeting customer requirements, maintaining close communications, meeting project timelines, generating reproducible products, and exceeding client expectations.

The increased demands on scientists have prompted us to expand our service offerings to include bioanalytical sample testing services. We provide the same level of quality and precision in testing your samples as we have provided in developing and producing assay reagents for your internal use. Our bioanalytical services focus on preclinical/clinical pharmacokinetic studies and biomarker analyses and will leverage our experience on the xMAP® platform and standard ELISA-based assays.

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