AssayChex Process Contol Panel®

Radix BioSolutions has created a panel of assay process control beads that weredesigned to ensure the integrity of your results for every well of your xMAP® assay. The AssayCheX® panel provides a control assessment for each step of an immunoassay. AssayCheX® are available in both the standard MicroPlex® Microsphere format and MagPlex® paramagnetic microsphere format for either xMAP assay you are performing.

Finally, a simple way to verify data integrity and add confidence with your results. A straightforward 4-plex panel of process control microspheres for immunoassays using xMAP Technology, AssayCheX® examines every well separately to ensure the results integrity of every sample. AssayCheX® makes it easy to:

  • Verify individual data points

  • Confirm assay performance

  • Troubleshoot results

  • Instantly flag potential failures

  • Reduce the need for replicate


With AssayCheX® added to your assay, you'll have valid reasons to remove outliers. Resulting in more robust xMAP assays and increased confidence in your data, while also conserving your sample volume and minimizing retests.

Are My Results Valid?


Designed by MiraiBio, a division of Hitachi® Software, MasterPlex® QT 4.0 works seamlessly with AssayCheX® to streamline the way xMAP users analyze data. As the only Luminex® and BioPlex® xMAP data analysis software solution that integrates AssayCheX® Process Controls into your data analysis workflow, MasterPlex QT allows you to:

  • Define and check thresholds for each AssayCheX® microsphere region in every well

  • Flag failed wells for review

  • Automatically mark failed wells as outliers and exclude them from further calculations

  • Display results in an easy-to-read view and data table

  • Automatically generate a final report of result

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