Radix is recognized as a worldwide leader in custom multiplex immunoassay development that improves the health, quality of life and safety of humans. Radix has partnered with biopharmaceutical partners, clinical reference labs, and received the financial support of multiple federal agencies to achieve this goal. These agencies include the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Contract awards from these government agencies have supported Radix designed and multiplex immunoassays development that detect sub-picogram amounts of multiple biothreat agents, virulence proteins, plant and bacterial toxins, and variants thereof which cause serious human disease. Similarly, we have worked with biopharmaceutical companies interested in developing new anti-viral therapeutics and vaccines as well as clinical reference labs that examine vaccine efficacy through immune response monitoring. 


For more than a decade, Radix has provided bioanalytical support to the pharmaceutical industry. This support comes in the form of validation and immunoassay development methods utilizing traditional ELISA and xMAP® platforms. Our experienced laboratory staff can analyze your samples, reporting data back to you in several optional formats. Examples of preclinical and clinical studies that we support include:

  • Pharmacokinetic
  • Anti-drug antibody
  • Biomarker and Pharmacodynamic markers
  • Vaccine
  • Allergens

We will also facilitate the conversion of your exploratory method into a diagnostic assay. 


Biomarkers are most commonly used as either a diagnostic or as an indicator of intervention of a pharmaceutical. An internet search will identify research use only assay kits for nearly any analyte imaginable. However, many of these commercial kits lack a thorough and robust method development process. At Radix, our biomarker methods are extensively optimized to deliver consistent data throughout your study.


The characterization of the host immune response to vaccination is a critical factor in assessing protection from specific pathogens. At Radix, we have expertise in developing multiplexed methods, allowing us to detect multiple epitope-specific immunogenicity responses. This process is much more efficient and informative than single-plex approaches.


The detection of allergens in complex matrices is a non-trivial matter. Radix has ongoing programs to determine the presence of food allergens in commercial products. Our access to high quality antibodies and reference materials permits the optimization of high quality assays.


At Radix, we have extensive experience with the two of the most popular immunoassay platforms – ELISA and Luminex®. These tools allow us to evaluate your project and select the ideal system on which to develop your assay.